Scientific Advisory Board

Phenicell Regenerative Institute has put together a highly experienced research team which consists of extensive research and clinical experience. We develop and utilize cutting edge yet safe treatment protocols. This is what truly sets us apart from all other private natural biologic Institutes. See below for details.


  • Joseph A. Shehadi, MD, FRCSC, FAANS, FACS Dr. Shehadi is a board certified Neurosurgeon. He is the founder and CEO of Phenicell. He has his MD from University of Rochester with Distinction in Research.
  • Rashmi Nemade, Ph.D. Dr Nemade has a PhD in molecular and developmental Biology and significant research experience.
  • Hugo Pedrozo, Ph.D. Dr. Pedrozo has a PhD in Cell and Structural Biology. He is also an Associate Professor of Biology at St. Edwards University.
  • Tom Hankins, CCP Mr. Hankins is a Board Certified Perfusionist with has an impressive 46 years of experience! Tom and his team have been involved with over 14,000 platelet Gel and over 6000 natural biologic procedures.
  • Asem Salma, MD, FRCS(SN), FEBNS, FICS Neorosurgeon
    Lima, Ohio
  • Bachir Abi Salloum, Ph.D. Dr. Abi Salloum is experienced in international research and scientific meetings and conferences.