Bachir Abi Salloum, Ph.D.

Dr. Abi Salloum

We are proud to have Dr. Abi Salloum, PhD as a research consultant here at Phenicell Regenerative Institute. Bachir is an exceptionally driven person. He has high moral integrity. He speaks four languages which is impressive and well suited for our international regenerative medicine institute. He is a critical thinker and adapts quickly. He is especially proficient in the technology of Food Products and nutrients, which is helpful to human health and wellness in general. He has done extensive research on hormones and steroids in animal models. He can be reached via email at

He is exceptionally driven, articulate scientific research professional with diverse background that includes U.S. and international research experience, awards for research, and presentations at scientific meetings and conferences. His experience includes teaching and mentoring, cross-functional collaboration, project management, writing grants and proposals in translational/physiological, food and environmental sciences.