Hugo Pedrozo, Ph.D.

Dr. Pedrozo

Dr. Pedrozo holds a Doctorate degree in Animal Physiology & Cell and Structural Biology. He is an Associate Professor of Biology at St Edwards University in Austin, Texas, and Founder of Orthobiomedical, LLC, a consulting and technology incubation company. Prior to this Dr. Pedrozo worked in various capacities in orthobiologics and tissue engineering for companies like DePuy, a Johnson and Johnson Company, Calcitec Inc, Kinetic Concepts Inc (KCI), and SpineSmith LLP. He has been part of the orthopedic industry since 1995 and contributed to the improvement in the treatment of patients by making significant contributions to the research and development of orthobiologic products for the regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues. Some of these products include: CellectTM, alpha-BSM®, ConduitTM TCP granules, Symphony PCS®; and technologies such as OsteoFix, OsteoFix plus BMP2, SISTM Patch plus GDF-5, VicrylTM plus GDF-5, among others.

Dr. Pedrozo is knowledgeable and experienced in working with autologous or patient-derived regenerative tissues such as human marrow-derived natural biologics, mesenchymal natural biologics, blood-derived products, such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), platelet lysates and releasates, autologous growth factors, activated plasma, leukocyte-poor platelet rich plasma and autologous growth factors.

Dr. Pedrozo's CV