Patient Resources

Phenicell Regenerative Institute in Columbus, Ohio aims to serve and educate our patients regarding natural biologics and regenerative medicine in general. We wish to facilitate the whole treatment experience. We created this Patient Resources section to help you with the logistics. Also feel free to view any of the sections below and our FAQ for more information.



Watch Mr. Bill Cook's testimonial on how natural biologic Treatment and Regenerative Medicine helped him tremendously. He is now mobile and grateful to the successful natural biologic Therapy that he received from Neurosurgeon Joseph Shehadi MD at the Phenicell Regenerative Institute


'Watch Mr. Ned Hodkinson's testimonial. Regenerative medicine helped him improve his lifestyle. We are happy for Mr. Hodkinson and wish him continuous improvements!'


Watch the testimonial of football star William White. He is also an ambassador for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease | the Ice bucket challenge)


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