Umbilical Cord and Birth Tissue

Research has shown that the utilization of human cell and tissue products from the umbilical cord and placental birth tissues may have a massive effect on many injuries and human physical conditions.

Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal natural biologics (MSCs) have been found to promote engraftment after hematopoietic natural biologic transplantation. However, harvesting MSCs from bone marrow involves an invasive procedure called bone marrow aspiration.

Umbilical Cord

In contrast to a painful bone marrow aspiration from your hip, MSCs can be easily obtained from umbilical cords without harm to the donors and no discomfort to you. Cord tissue mesenchymal natural biologics have a shorter doubling time than adult mesenchymal natural biologics and also have more potential divisions. They also secrete and contain a more potent and regenerative profile of growth factors. The fitness of adult mesenchymal natural biologics, as well as the growth factors they secrete, declines with age, especially over age 50 years old.

StemShot® and StemVive™ are the first products to include minimally manipulated material from membrane, cord tissue and cord blood. We call this the "Triple Threat". Stemshot® provides products with a higher concentration in therapeutic elements and less distracted processing. Their protocols leave intact the target cells that are sometimes destroyed under some competitors processing methods. StemShot® and StemVive™ products are developed and produced by Utah Cord Bank (UCB). Their tissue donor program performs in depth background checks and testing so as to ensure the quality of the donation. UCB's tissue labs are focused on creating products for use by orthopedic, sports medicine, and neurosurgical practitioners to aid in their patients' regenerative health needs. The StemShot® and StemVive™ team includes expert scientists and technicians with decades of experience with the with human tissue products.

StemShot® uses a patent pending process to produce its minimally manipulated product which conforms to the regulations and the FDA's definition found in HTC/P 361 products in accordance with FDA Article 21 CFR Part 1271. Following these standards allows StemShot® to sell approved allograft products with confidence to Healthcare Providers. Feel free to visit the Utah Cord Bank and StemShot® websites for more information.

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